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Hello, I haven’t been around for a while. Life is so busy and wonderful. Anyhow, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been doing anything with my hair, on the contrary. I’m fully natural and loving it. In fact, I’m approaching APL but most importantly my hair is very healthy.
I’m doing all I can to keep my beautiful black hair healthy and shiny, check it out!
I’ve just found a new product that works wonders and I wanted to share with you. This product is Eco Styler, there are many different varieties and my preferred one is the one with protein.
You can find Eco Styler Gel products in most of London’s hair shops, Peckham, Brixton, Finsbury Park as well as Amazon.

If you are in the US, here’s Amazon US page


Check it out:

This Gel is good and does the job really well. It defines your curls so beautifully even 4B type natural hair.

The olive oil Eco Styler Gel is nice too and it leaves hair soft.

I haven’t tried the pink Eco Styler Gel so if you have feel free to leave comments.

Neither have I tried the yellow Gel. So if you have please share your opinion.

The black Eco Styler Gel is my favourite, it leaves my hair strong and nice.
If you’d like to see some of the amazing results you can get with Eco Styler Gel, click here!


Mixed race hair – Daily Care

Mixed race hair care is an important subject, especially for the parent who has to care for hair that is different than its own.

We have previously treated the subject of shampooing and caring for your mixed race child’s hair. In this article we are going to treat daily care and products to use or most importantly products to avoid.

So you have shampooed, braided and let air dry your child’s hair. If you can leave the braids in your child’s hair it is easier, however if your child is getting older, she or he might want to look cool or have left their hair loose.

First of all for healthy hair stay away from any products with petroleum, petrolatum, mineral oils and alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol and anything ending with an ‘ol’ . These products are notorious for drying out curly/coiled hair.

Second even if you are tempted do not use blow dryers on your child’s naked, curls protect them from excess heat, sun and chlorine. When they go swimming whether in the sea or in a swimming pool braid the hair one or two braids should be enough and once finished always deep condition. Avoid getting sand in the hair, that’s a nightmare!

Never, ever, ever comb  mixed race hair when dry (types 3 and 4 hair), only comb during the conditioning treatment or under the shower or when the hair is very wet immediately after rinsing, with a wide toothed comb.

Your child’s mixed race  hair just like coiled, curly, African descent hair is EXTREMELY DRY, the holy grail is moisture. The more you moisturise the healthier the hair will be, the more pleasure you will have to deal with your mixed race child’s hair, the less complaints or cries will come from her/him, you will surprise yourself to be looking forward to what will become loving, bonding experience for you both. It is the secret to an easier life both for you and for your child. Moisturising does not stop with the weekly/bi-weekly wash (co-wash).

To save time it is best to groom your child’s hair, in the evening. As part of the evening routine, when with a small dollop of moisturising cream again you will find the right amount to use with practice, Use a spray put a bit of conditioner and add some water to dilute the product, the mixture shouldn’t be too light. If your child’s is type 2/3a hair you can dilute it more than if the the hair is type 3b, 3c and types 4 hair will need heavier moisturising cream as well as a conditioning spray to avoid knotting (some tips on how to avoid knots).

For your child’s hair to be well moisturised and healthy use the products every night, and braid the hair to keep the moisture until the morning. You can part the hair into four sections and one by one moisturise and braid. To keep the braids do not use bands or barettes that will tear the hair. Be gentle and use bobbles, scrunchies or bands covered with woven fabric (no metal).

You can also cut part of your old but clean tight to use as scruchies, nylon is very gentle with the hair and doesn’t tear it.

Use NATURAL! products and oils, such as coconut oil, castor oil, carrot oil.

Do not straighten/relax/texturize the naturally curly hair of your mixed race child’s hair. It might be tempting but only troubles lie ahead if you go down that route. The effect may last all their lives, I’m talking about dry scalp and excessive dandruffs which is the direct result of using these products, especially when you start too young.

Grooming textured, mixed race hair and curly hair is no longer difficult nowadays. Learning how to maintain and groom your child’s an enriching experience which in turn will also show your child how unique and gorgeous he or she is, and it will help your child personality by promoting self-esteem, confidence and a sense of pride in their appearance and in who they are.

I highly recommend the book “Curly Girl” by Lorraine Massey

If you are in the UK or in Europe (the postage is not expensive), try Amazon UK

If you are in the US or Canada, try


Si vous etes en France, allez sur

Caramel Treatment to Grow Long Afro Hair

Do you want to grow long afro hair? Caramel treatment is perfect for you! It  makes your hair hubber soft, which stops breakage in its tracks. It can be used on relaxed and natural hair.You can purchase it or make it yourself. If you decide to make it yourself, keep reading, we’re giving the recipe below.

Grow Long Afro Hair with This Recipe of The Caramel Treatment

Here are the benefits:

– It strengthens your hair

– It helps to loosen your curl pattern

All you need to make it yourself is:

– honey

– olive oil

– banana

– molasses


– wheat germ oil

Mix the lot using a blender until creamy and smooth, once done apply to your hair with an applicator brush (or your finger whichever you prefer) as if you are applying a relaxer, wrap hair in plastic and keep it at least an hour or overnight.

This mixture cannot be stored, like all homemade concoctions, its shelf-live is limited. I would recommend you use within the hour for best results.


The Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment

Source: maxhydrationmethod. com/2014/08/14/the-cherry-lola-caramel-treatment/