Caramel Treatment to Grow Long Afro Hair

Do you want to grow long afro hair? Caramel treatment is perfect for you! It  makes your hair hubber soft, which stops breakage in its tracks. It can be used on relaxed and natural hair.You can purchase it or make it yourself. If you decide to make it yourself, keep reading, we’re giving the recipe below.

Grow Long Afro Hair with This Recipe of The Caramel Treatment

Here are the benefits:

– It strengthens your hair

– It helps to loosen your curl pattern

All you need to make it yourself is:

– honey

– olive oil

– banana

– molasses


– wheat germ oil

Mix the lot using a blender until creamy and smooth, once done apply to your hair with an applicator brush (or your finger whichever you prefer) as if you are applying a relaxer, wrap hair in plastic and keep it at least an hour or overnight.

This mixture cannot be stored, like all homemade concoctions, its shelf-live is limited. I would recommend you use within the hour for best results.


The Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment

Source: maxhydrationmethod. com/2014/08/14/the-cherry-lola-caramel-treatment/

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